Etihad Airways Careers New Jobs in Abu Dhabi UAE

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Etihad Airways Careers New Jobs in Abu Dhabi UAE

Are you looking for a new career opportunity in the airline industry? Look no further than Etihad Airways, based in Abu Dhabi, UAE. This innovative airline is constantly growing and expanding, offering exciting opportunities for individuals looking to join a dynamic and fast-paced team. In this article, we will explore the various career options available at Etihad Airways, the qualifications and skills required, and how to apply for these coveted positions.

About Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways was founded in 2003 and has quickly become one of the world’s leading airlines. Based in Abu Dhabi, UAE, the airline operates over 1,000 flights per week to more than 120 destinations worldwide. With a focus on innovation, customer service, and sustainability, Etihad Airways is committed to providing an exceptional travel experience for its passengers.

Etihaad Airways Careers

Etihad Airways is one of the world’s leading airlines and operates over 1,000 flights each day to 120 passenger and cargo destinations across the Middle East, Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe and America. As the national airline of the United Arab Emirates, Etihad Airways has made substantial contributions to the aviation sector in Abu Dhabi. To continue to expand its operations and generate more scope in this region, Etihad Airway is looking for fresh talent acquisition in Abu Dhabi jobs. Opportunities are available at all levels across all departments including Business Development, IT, Sales & Marketing and Customer Service.

Etihad Airways Careers offers thoughtful employee experience through its official website where you can register your resume, apply for jobs and explore available opportunities. Etihad Airway’s goal is to prepare its employees to become professionals in the aviation industry and provide them with world-class training to ensure they have sufficient knowledge of the airline’s operations, safety and customer service. The airline encourages employees to create meaningful experiences for their guests and to make sure they have a memorable journey. Through Etihad Airways Careers, the airline provides employees with the opportunity to enhance their service quality by developing strong customer relationships and offering friendly assistance. This enables employees to better understand the needs of their customers and deliver a personalized travel experience that makes them feel valued. Etihad Airways Careers offer an excellent opportunity for those who want to become part of an innovative team of professionals that strive for excellence every day.

Current Job Openings

Etihad Airways is always looking for talented individuals to join their team. As of March 2023, the airline is currently hiring for a variety of positions across multiple departments. These positions include flight crew, ground positions, and management roles.

Flight Crew Positions

Pilot Jobs

Etihad Airways is currently hiring for various pilot positions, including Captain, First Officer, and Relief Pilot. To be eligible for these positions, candidates must have a valid Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) and a minimum of 4,000 hours of flying experience. In addition, candidates must be able to pass a rigorous medical examination and meet the airline’s age and height requirements.

Cabin Crew Jobs

As an Etihad Airways Cabin Crew member, you will play a critical role in providing passengers with a comfortable and enjoyable travel experience. The airline is currently hiring for both experienced and entry-level cabin crew positions. To be eligible for these positions, candidates must meet specific height, weight, and language requirements. In addition, candidates must have excellent customer service skills and be able to work well in a team environment.


Etihad Airways is seeking experienced engineers to join its team. As an engineer, you’ll be responsible for ensuring the safety and airworthiness of the aircraft through maintenance and repair. Etihad Airways offers a range of engineering positions, including licensed engineers, mechanics, and technicians.

To be eligible for this position, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering (or equivalent)
  • Relevant engineering experience
  • Fluent in English (both written and spoken)
  • Able to pass a Class 1 medical examination


Etihad Airways is one of the leading airlines in Abu Dhabi, UAE and they have a dedicated careers page on their website. You can browse through the list of current job openings and register your profile for a chance to be considered for any of these positions. Most people apply for airways jobs such as cabin crew, but there are other opportunities available too. To apply as a candidate, you just need to click on the links provided on their website and complete the necessary forms. Depending on the job, you may need to have passed certain degree qualifications in order to prove your skills and suitability for the role.

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